Ferry from Jeddah to Suakin (Sudan)

At 5pm I reached the departure area of Jeddah port… and I kept waiting and waiting and waiting … 

The Saudi immigration officers were very friendly and invited me for tea to shorten the wait a bit.

Boarding started around 11pm. I was shown to my cabin, saw my bike loaded in the belly of the ship and waited again … at one point, I simply fell asleep. The ship left Jeddah at around 5am in the morning, substantially delayed.

Along the way I could see a number of dolphins crossing the path of the ship.

The ship reached Suakin around 9.30pm. Immigration went smoothly. I drove the bike off the ship (after paying a fee of SAR 150) and proceeded to customs, which took me another two hours, in the middle of the night. Finally, at around 1am, I left the port area.

Suakin is more a transit town for Sudanese traveling to and from Saudi Arabia. I could not find any hotels online. So, I simply asked a police officer who let me sleep at the local station.

Am planning to get up early tomorrow. Still a bit undecided whether to proceed north to Port Sudan or west towards Khartoum. 

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